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Whether you are filing an application to help a family member get a Green Card, trying to secure a Student Visa, applying for employment-based immigration, or defending against deportation, the Messer Law Group, LLC can help. Our principal attorney, Mr. Steven Messer, is personally and professionally dedicated to supporting immigrants navigate the complex process of Immigration. Mr. Messer originally got involved in Immigration Law, as a sponsor for his wife, and had to go through the process, delays, uncertainty, and loneliness that are part of this complex process, we call Immigration.

Our law firm is located in Phoenix, Arizona. But we provide legal services to all immigrants and their families wherever they are located. We provided services in all the different areas of Federal Immigration Law. It is true, Immigration is a tough and sensitive issue for most people around the world, and in the United States; so, let a lawyer with experience CHAMPION YOUR IMMIGRATION RIGHTS!

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Why The Messer Law Group?

While it is true, no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of any particular case, our firm can assure you that we will work hard to fully represent your immigration interests and rights. Immigration law can seem overly complex and complicated for many people, especially those who are unclear about the U.S. Law; therefore, having an experience attorney represent you is vital to a successful immigration case.

There are many immigration attorneys, but very few of those attorneys have personally been inside the immigration process, and have felt the various emotions, like uncertainty and loneliness like Mr. Messer has. At the Messer Law Group, LLC, you will be represented by a lawyer who understands your situation and can relate to your concerns. We understand the daily struggles facing immigrants in America; and that is what makes the Messer Law Group, LLC different from the other immigration attorneys and firms.

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Unique Perspective – Hard Working – Relatable

Immigration is complex and complicated, and you need a smart and dedicated attorney to represent you. Steven is that attorney.

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Steven Messer is the Principal Attorney at the Messer Law Group, LLC. He treats the clients that he represents as a member of his family. He represents clients in the area of Family-Based Immigration, Nonimmigrant Visas for Students/Exchange Visitors, Investment-Based Immigration, Deferred Action for Child Arrival (DACA), Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Employment-Based Immigration, Deportation and Removal, Asylum and their interests when dealing with the USCIS and/or Immigration Court. He works hard and will ensure that he does whatever it legally takes to fight for her clients, for a successful outcome.


  • BA, Business Administration, Southern Utah University, 1994
  • JD, Juris Doctorate of Law, Capital University Law School, 1998

Bar Admission

  • Member of the Arizona State Bar, since 1999


  • Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Helping You Obtain Permanent Residency

One of the services that we offer is helping you obtain permanent residency. Whether you are petitioning for a family member to join you in the U.S., applying for asylum as a foreign national, or seeking residency under VAWA, the Messer Law Group, LLC can work with you on your case to ensure a smooth and efficient process. We can explain all your available legal options, like which family members you are allowed to sponsor, and help you build a compelling case for them staying in the U.S. The American Immigration System is not an easy one to navigate, but an experienced attorney can make if feel more manageable.

Defend You Against Removal

Our firm is also committed to providing assertive and enthusiastic removal defense. Unfortunately, the risk of deportation frequently looms over the heads of hardworking immigrants, such as with unannounced ICE Raids. Mr. Messer understands the anxiety and fear that you are feeling and will do his best to safeguard your rights as an immigrant and will help you build a compelling case to appeal any deportation actions against you. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.
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